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Clinical Document Exchange


UBHS providers can quickly and securely deliver patient clinical notes directly to a facility’s Direct Messaging account.   Direct Messaging is a national standard for secure and HIPPA compliant protocol for exchanging clinical messages and attachments.  To send and receive clinical notes from UBHS providers via Direct Messages, a facility must have a Direct address and must be able to access the Direct address messages.

To Receive Clinical Notes from UBHS via Direct Messaging:

  • Register online and create your own Direct address(es)
    • You can register with any Secure Document Exchange Platform that supports Direct Messaging Protocol
    • Or click here to sign up for a free direct messaging account with Kno2   https://kno2.com/pricing


  • Once you have register with Kno2, log in with your user ID and password
  • Click on Settings, Kno2 address, and + to create/add a new direct messaging address
  • Complete kno2 address form and click on save changes.
  • When this is completed, your new direct messaging will appears in the window under Kno2 addresses

Note:  A direct messaging address should look something like this with your company’s domain name instead of UBHS >>notes@ubhs.direct.kno2fy.com

  • Please send your new direct messaging address to info@ubhsinc.com to be added to our EHR platform directory. Once you are set up in our directory, your providers will be able to send clinical notes directly to provided direct messaging account.  Facility will be able to view and download notes as needed from the Direct Messaging inbox.


  • If you need additional assistance to get this set up, please call Kelly McCloskey at              770-939-1288 for support.

To access notes sent to your new  Kno2 account: 

  1. Log into your Kno2 Account
  2. Click on My Intake on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Notes sent by us will be in this folder.
  4. Click on patient name to view notes.

To download as a PDF file to your computer,      

  1. Click on get started check list in the orange box
  2. Click on Install Kno2 Client and run the exe file once it is downloaded to your pc
  3. Once installation is complete, go back to your Kno2 dashboard, click on Settings, Intake Downloads, and note network directory to download patient folders or files section. This is where your notes will be downloaded to: C:\Kno2\


Note:  You can also change this to a preferred destination on your network.  Be sure to click on save changes if you’ve made any changes.


  1. Go back to My Intake, click the message you would like to export to preview the file, then click on the blue download button on the top right corner, export with Kno2, a download window will pop up and click on download.
  2. Locate your file on C:\Kno2\ or preferred network location.