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Serving Clients by Caring For People

Improving access, affordability and quality of emotional and behavioral health services with telepsychiatry, psychotherapy and long-term care patient visits.


Leading The Way To Better Patient Care


Cost-effective access to a wide-range of experienced mental health professionals.



Expanding the clinical services you can provide to serve and keep more patients.

Long-term Care Facility Services

Psychologists and Clinicians to visit nursing homes and skilled care facilities to serve patients.

As a rural community, UBHS Telemedicine is a huge asset to our patients at Cook Medical Center. It allows us to provide our patients not only access to the healthcare they need, but also the convenience to receive care in a timely manner. By bringing the specialized care to our patients, clients, and residents, we are able to ensure they receive the care they deserve.

Michael Purvis

CEO , Cook Medical Center

We use their psychiatrists and psychologists for medication evaluation, behavior management, crisis interventions, and psychotherapeutic needs. The difference in my residents is night and day. Even when scheduling or technical difficulties were had,  UBHS worked with us to offer solutions. In fact, they provided us with the equipment necessary to facilitate successful appointments and maintain a continuity of care.

Lary Tyrer

Director of Nursing, Perfect Care

UBHS has been invaluable to our Residents..  The staff are very accommodating with scheduling and sending medical records promptly, thereby ensuring continuity of care.  They treat patients with the highest level of concern, kindness,  and proficiency.   I count them as a big asset to the hospital.

Beth Greenway

RN, Emanuel County Nursing Home

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We serve hospital, long-term care, corrections and group home facilities, as well as employers, insurance providers and schools with our cost-effective telemedicine offerings and on-site visits.

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